Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A King is Coming

Its a coronation! Trumpets blast, people bustle to their seats. Those unable to get inside the building throng outside, hoping for a glimpse of the new king. Anticipation and excitement is in the air. Reporters stand poised with pens and cameras, ears glued to cell phones, as they await the words that will define the reign of this new king. Those words come in the form of a prayer "endow the king with justice and righteousness", just those two things. Imagine what a country would be like, led on just those two standards. Psalm 72 is a prayer of coronation. None of the kings who heard that prayer were able to live up to its high standard.

Jesus Christ has ushered in a new kingdom where righteousness and justice will prevail. This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, we will look at our world and the coming kingdom through the lens of Psalm 72.