Monday, February 16, 2015


The season of Lent is upon us. During this season we will spend time talking about, and learning about, covenant, particularly God's history of covenant with God's people. We'll begin with the covenant God made with Noah and all of his descendants following the flood and we will end with the new covenant fulfilled by Jesus as we come to the end of Lent on Good Friday.

Domenico Morelli Noahs Dankgebet

The covenant God makes at the end of the flood is a broad one. It's not just for Noah and his family, but is made with all living things. Like other covenants with God, there is only a single source of action in the covenant, God. No demands are put on Noah and all the  living things that were with him in the ark.

God promises to hold death and destruction at bay and seals the promise with a rainbow. This Sunday, we will consider how this ancient covenant still affects our lives.