Monday, May 4, 2015

Remain in Love

Love, its the theme of almost every song you hear on the radio, shows up constantly in our TV programs and movies, every novel seems to be a love story. We are surrounded by love, bombarded with it.

We crave love, try desperately to find it, to draw it to ourselves. Some of us find love illusive, we are disappointed in love.

Jesus tells his disciples that they are to abide in his love, to remain in it. He wants them to spread this love around too. He wants them to love each other.

These seem like pretty high orders. How can I love someone I may not even like, someone who has hurt me or others, someone who is just unlovable. Jesus seems to be asking too much, and in reality he is.

This Sunday, Mother's Day, we will consider the impossibility of Jesus command to remain in him and to love each other.