Monday, January 21, 2008


What an evening! On Friday, January 18 I was ordained as a minister of the Word and Sacraments. In the presence of many friends and family members I promised, before God, to serve him as pastor of the Lucknow Community Christian Reformed Church. Here's the program we followed. (I'll write more about this later -- I'm still basking in the glow of God's many blessings!)
~Pastor (and Reverend!) Rita

Ordination of Rita Klein-Geltink
to the office of
Minister of the Word and Sacraments
in the Christian Reformed Church in North America

Friday, January 18, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
Lucknow Community Christian Reformed Church

Welcome Elder Bob Damsma, Lucknow Council Chair
Call to Worship Rev. John Vanderstoep, Maranatha CRC, Cambridge
Worship in Song
Lion of Judah
Meekness and Majesty
Be Still for the Presence of the Lord

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Ordination of Candidate Klein-Geltink PH pg 992
The Announcement
The Introduction
The Instruction
The Questions to the Candidate
The Laying on of Hands
The Questions to the Congregation
The Congratulation and Encouragement

Song: Jesus, All For Jesus
The Prayer Rev. Henry DeKorte, Riverside Community Church, Guelph
Gift of Music: Great is the Darkness Henry Jurjens, Malinda Exel

Scripture: Exodus 33: 12-23
Message: Only if You Go with Us Rev. Duane Kelderman, VP for Admin. & Assoc. Prof. of Preaching, Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI
Song: Lord Speak to Me

Blessing to Rev. Klein-Geltink and the Lucknow Congregation
1) Brian Klein-Geltink, Son, Milton
2) Ineke VanBruinessen, Redeemer University College
3) Elder Marsha Timmerman, Maranatha CRC, Cambridge
4) Steve Stellingwerff, Forest
5) Rev. George Holthof, Owen Sound, Classis Huron
6) Rev. Jack Westerhof, Sarnia/Kincardine
7) Rev. Stephen Tamming, Goderich
8) Rev. Peggy Kinsman, Lucknow Ministerial
9) Rev. Ron Luchies, Clinton, Former pastor of Lucknow CCRC
10) Rick Luymes, Kincardine CRC
11) Tom De Vries, Wingham
12) Clare Streutker, Brother, Cambridge
13) John Streutker, Father, Woodstock
14) Bob Damsma, Lucknow Community CRC

Blessing through Rev. Klein-Geltink to all assembled worshipers
Closing Song: We Receive Your Blessing

Please join us for a reception in the fellowship hall following the service.
Please sign Pastor Rita’s guestbook!


Praise Team Members: Malinda Exel, Candace Spaling, Trevor Askes, Kathryn Askes, Justine Vanderlei, Bert Askes
Sound: Anthony Numan
Power Point: Meghan Brink
Greeters: Lawrence and Hennie Uyl
Ushers: Spike Bakker, John Beldman, Owen Numan, Lou Jurjens
Program: Linda Brink
Parking: Gerry Damsma
Refreshments: Dixie Askes, Shirley Beldman, Karen Bouwers and many others!
Cake: Karen Bouwers

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this evening happen, whether your name is listed or not!


  1. Dear Pastor Rita,
    my name is Sarah. I live in The Netherlands and my boyfriend's mother has a brother named Bob Damsma. She lost track of him several years ago. I came across his name on your blog and was wondering if this might be the same Bob Damsma. Her name is Hetty Damsma. Is there any way you could let me know if this is the same person? Even if it is him and he wishes not to get back in touch. Hetty would very much like to know how he is doing.
    Thank you!
    Sarah (van den Berghlaan 131, 2132 ac Hoofddorp, Netherlands)

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